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Babylon Cartel FW 2014 “Prisoner of War ” Lookbook shot by Diane Jong

We are excited to share our highly anticipated 2014 F/W “Prisoner of War” Collection. Shot by LA-based photographer Diane Jong, the collection is broken down into two style categories of “Stealth” and “Power.” Stealth:  The “Stealth” Collection screams one word: versatility.  Stripped down to two colors, black and white, these monochromatic pieces are designed to be worn with [...]

Consign to Oblivion – Lookbook: Shot by Anouk Morgan

We will be dropping our new “Consign to Oblivion” Capsule on New Years Day. Enlisting Anouk Morgan to handle visuals alongside the art-direction of Gianni Lee, we find our subjects fighting for their lives. This new collection finds inspiration from the 1960s during the social and economic reconstruction that was happening in Brazil (Rio De [...]

Aspen Giovanni for Babylon Cartel: Shot By Anouk Morgan

What started off as a simple meet up quickly turned into a photo shoot. Anouk Morgan was on deck to handle photography but there was one problem, we didn’t have any clothes. Gianni came to the rescue by styling Aspen in clothing straight off of his back along with whatever women’s clothing we could find [...]