Created in Philadelphia and now based in Los Angeles, Babylon Cartel is a lifestyle apparel brand and collective. With our innovative design aesthetics, unique style and cultural influences, Babylon Cartel represents creativity and individuality by pushing the boundaries and molding streetwear and high fashion. Babylon, from the Hebrew “Babel” is interpreted to mean confusion, and by definition, a cartel is a formal agreement among competitors. The meaning behind “Babylon Cartel” is the joining of the often conflicting and confusing elements of mind, body and soul to work together to originate the most inventive forms

The brand was founded by DJ/Producer Gianni Lee, Art Director/Stylist Aaron Ramey and photographer Mark Wrice. As described by the Huffington Post, BC is truly a “band of artists and creatives, much like the Andy Warhol Factory” with an extraordinary vision: to create high quality and cutting edge apparel and content that provokes thought, energy and attitude.

Babylon Cartel’s customers are individuals who seek an exclusive look. They want distinctive apparel that effortlessly compliments their special style, and Babylon Cartel provides just that- cool, skillfully crafted artwork that you can wear.