Babylon Cartel SXSW Party – 3/14 10PM!

Proud to announce our first ever SXSW Stage. We decided to keep things simple and curate an “ALL DJ” Line-Up. No raps , no thousands of folks on the stage screaming lyrics at you. We want you to unwind, party and have fun with your friends. Expect a few suprises. DON’T FORGET TO SHOP BABYLON [...]

Raury – God’s Whisper

We’ve heard about Raury while running around in Atlanta. It’s crazy how fast your music can spread to brands especially when you are called things such as a “child prodigy”. With that heavy of a title it’s rather ironic that Raury calls this song God’s Whisper. In an age where it is looked at as [...]

New Music – Chynna – Free Crack Remix ft. A$AP Ant & A$AP Twelvyy

Chynna has served as a model and good friend for us over the past few years. While building her brand Chynna has also been hard at work creating music. After performing a various venues all over Philly as well as New York City the West Philadelphia born lyricist is back with her Free Crack Remix. [...]

Gianni Lee & Mike Blud – The Music That Inspired G I R L ( STREAM )

Celebrating the landmark release of Pharrell Williams second solo LP our very own Gianni Lee and Producer Mike Blud have joined forces once again to assemble the various inspirations of Mr. Williams’ new album G I R L. Shop Babylon Cartel NOW! 1. Inspirational Words From Pharrell (Intro) 2. Michael Jackson – Workin’ Day And [...]

Babylon Cartel Mach 2 Collection – Lookbook

The Babylon Cartel collective has dropped a total re-envisioning of its original Aztec Jersey Concept called Mach 2. The Mach 2 Collection draws inspiration from Marvel’s own Tony Stark and his famous “Iron Man” armor. “We wanted to re-design an already popular product for a current and totally new consumer while continuing to supply innovative [...]